Oliver Kipp studied with Atila Aydintan (Hanover) and Thomas Brandis  (Berlin). Further chamber music tutors were Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet), Walter Levin (LaSalle Quartet), Uwe-Martin Haiberg (Brahms-Quartet) und György Sebök.


He received his orchestral training as a member of the "European Community Youth Orchestra" (1987-1993), as a trainée of the NDR Radiophilharmonic (1991-1993) and as a substitute of the Berlin Philharmonic (1994-1998). Since 1998 he is a section leader of the NDR Radiophilharmonic.


1999 he founded the Hyperion Trio. In 2001 this ensemble won the International Johannes Brahms Chamber Music Competition in Pörtschach. Ever since then the trio has become a welcome guest at international concert venues and Festivals. This ensemble runs the chamber music festival "Klanginsel Helgoland" since 2016. In this festival - and his work as a chamber musician in general - he performs well-known masterpieces side-by-side to rare repertoire to show hidden biographical and historical connections in these works. In many cases the unknown works have been successfully recorded on CD (e.g. works by Joseph Marx, Julius Röntgen, Robert Kahn, Felix Woyrsch, Rubin Goldmark and others). These productions have been highly praised by the international music press.


Since 2008 Oliver Kipp is working for the "European Union Youth Orchestra" as a tutor für violin und chamber music . He is teaching at the Hanover Conservatory of Music and working for the Joseph Joachim Academy at the NDR Radiophilharmonic. He is a welcome guest at international competitions, teacher at masterclasses and member of the audition panel of the European Union Youth Orchestra.