January: Fugue State Films presenting a 6-DVD-Produktion "Reger - the last giant"

The Hyperion Trio performs his early Largo for piano trio

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January 30: New CD from the Hyperion Trio has been released!

Piano Trios by Felix Woyrsch (op.65) and Rubin Goldmark (op.1)

and Carolina Ullrich sings Vier Lieder op.2 by Felix Woyrsch

February 17: Magdeburg, Konservatorium, 18.00 h

Release Concert, Woyrsch/Goldmark-CD

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March 2-5 Chamber Music Academy Kniphausen Castle

mit dem Hyperion Trio

April 9: Saarbrücken, Conservatory of Music, 17.00 Uhr

Concert with the Hyperion Trio, works by

Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms

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May 25-28: Helgoland, Chamber Music Festival "Klanginsel Helgoland"

Hyperion Trio, Norddeutsches Streichtrio, Tobias Martin (Double Bass) and Carolina Ullrich (Soprano)

Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Felix Woyrsch, Johannes Brahms, Carl Reinecke, Heinrich von Herzogenberg and Franz Schubert

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June 11:  Haselünne, Klosterkirche, 18.00 Uhr

Concert wit the Norddeutsches Streichtrio with Irina Zwiener (violin) and Tobias Martin (Double Bass)

Works by Luigi Boccherini, Laszlo Lajtha and Antonin Dvorak


End od July, Rehearsal period of the European Union Youth Orchestra in Grafenegg (Austrio)

September 2-10 International Johannes Brahms Competition Pörtschach

Member of the Violin Jury

October 7:  Göttingen, St. Johannis, 18.00 Uhr

Concert for the Reformation Day

Symphony No.5 op.107 (1830) Reformationssinfonie by Felix Mendelssohn in a transcription for piano four hands, violin und cello by Friedrich Hermann

Kattermäng Quartet (Barbara and Michael Schäfer, Oliver Kipp and Katharina Troe)

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November 14: Celle, Beckmann-Saal, 19.30 Uhr

Concert with the Hyperion Trio

Works by Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Preußen and Franz Schubert

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November 23: Magdeburg-Schönebeck

Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Hyperion Trio and Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie

November 26: Bernburg

Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Hyperion Trio and Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie

December 7: Bonn, Aula of the University

Concert with the Hyperion Trio celebrating the Annual Meeting of the Alexander v. Humboldt Society